Bedont Bucks Rewards Program

The purpose of our Bedont Bucks Program is for you to take "ownership" in the investment of your orthodontic treatment. As an incentive for you to have routine dental cleanings with your general dentist and also by you displaying good oral hygiene and being cooperative throughout treatment, we will reward you with Bedont Bucks that you may cash in for rewards during orthodontic treatment. Our hope is that this incentive program will help you have clean, healthy and spot-free teeth upon completion of your orthodontic treatment. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us provide you with the smile that you have always wanted!

To help motivate you and encourage better cooperation while you are in treatment, the following list outlines ways that you can earn Bedont Bucks at each appointment, which can be exchanged for a variety of prizes listed in our office:

You can earn Bedont Bucks for EACH category below that is achieved at your orthodontic appointment

  • 2 Bucks - Good Oral Hygiene: Patient must display healthy looking gums, no plaque on the teeth, and no food in the braces.
  • 1 Buck - Good Appliance Care: No loose brackets or appliances and no bent or broken wires
  • 1 Buck - Appointments: Being on time for your appointment, and not missing your previous appointment

Additional Ways to Earn Bedont Bucks

  • 5 Bucks - Cleaning appointment: bring in a signed certificate or card by your general dentist or hygienist from your routine cleaning appointment. Click here to download the certificate or pick up a card from our office to be signed by the dentist or dental hygienist at your routine cleaning.
  • 4 Bucks - Good Report card: if you get all A's and B's on your report card bring it in to our office and we can celebrate together!
  • 3 Bucks - Facebook: Like us on Facebook and then let us know at your next appointment that you are a fan.

Patients must be in active treatment (not retainers or observation) to earn Bedont Bucks and will only earn them for one appointment each month