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Before-and-After Smiles

Adolescent Treatment with Invisalign

"I was able to enjoy this experience. I feel like everyone knew my name, and were really nice! They talked me through everything that was going on with my teeth, and helped me to know how to use my aligners. I'm so happy with how my teeth turned out!!" - Kami C.

All patients have been treated by Dr. Bedont.

McNicholl,C. - initial smile.jpg
McNicholl,C. - initial photos BW.jpg
McNicholl,C. - final smile.jpg
McNicholl,C. - final photos BW.jpg
Card K. Initial smile.jpg
Card K. Initial BW.jpg
Card K. Final smile - Adolescent Invisal
Card K. Final BW.jpg
West, Charlotte Initial Smile.jpg
West, Charlotte Initial BW.jpg
West, Charlotte Final Smile.jpg
West, Charlotte Final BW.jpg
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