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Plaque HD

New! Now Available at Bedont Orthodontics!



Plaque HD toothpaste uses Targetol Technology to highlight the plaque on teeth in a vibrant green. Being able to see your plaque means you always know where to spend a little extra time brushing. Your can rest assured you are removing as much plaque as possible with each brushing, and keeping your teeth healthy between your orthodontic visits.


A key feature of Targetol Technology is that it’s revolutionary coloring agent is derived from plant extracts and is certified gluten free. This means that the whole family can enjoy the healthy benefits of a clean mouth without the side effects of chemicals found in traditional plaque disclosing agents.


Plaque HD was initially developed in 2007 by a dentist who wanted to provide his patients’ with a more efficient way to clean harmful plaque from their teeth and gums. He was looking for an effective, at home solution for the whole family to create good habits between visits. 

It was extremely important to ensure that he created an at home dental care solution that was truly safe for the whole family. It was imperative to find a way to replace the chemicals in traditional plaque disclosing agents with elements from nature. After 5 years of careful research and testing, Plaque HD toothpaste was born.


Not available in stores.






In addition to Targetol Technology helping to visually identify plaque, Plaque HD’s proprietary formulation uses a unique concentration and combination of cleaning agents that weaken the core of the plaque structure. This unique formula is designed to remove plaque more efficiently during the brushing process. 

Check out the scientific publications below to see how Plaque HD has been shown to remove more plaque than conventional toothpastes.

The International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Science
The American Journal of Medicine
Plaque Removal Efficacy








1. Place a small amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush
2. Brush normally
3. Continue to look in the mirror as you are brushing, noting and

ensuring that you remove all traces of green/teal color
4. Once you have completed a thorough brushing and rinsing routine,

the green/teal color will be brushed away and no longer be present
5. Smile and feel confident you have done a great job brushing







Making sure that kiddos are doing a great job of brushing their teeth just got easier with Plaque HD. Plaque HD toothpaste uses Targetol Technology to highlight the plaque on teeth in a vibrant green, which means kids will always know where to spend a little extra time with their toothbrush. Parents no longer need to hover to ensure their children are really brushing everywhere, because with Plaque HD, it’s as simple as brushing until the green is gone! 

You will be impressed with the great brushing habits your kiddos develop over time using Plaque HD daily. Being able to see exactly where to tackle plaque on their teeth daily will ensure these habits are reinforced again and again. You can rest assured that because they are using Plaque HD, they are removing as much plaque as possible with each brushing.


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