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Types of Braces

For most people, wearing actual braces (also called fixed appliances) will be the most significant part of their treatment.  The most common type of braces for most people are the familiar metal-looking type. But nowadays, there are a handful of other options which may or may not work for each patient.

First, it’s important that we differentiate between fixed and removable appliances. Fixed appliances (i.e. braces) are physically attached to the teeth by metal bands or a special kind of oral cement. Normally, the braces aren't removed until treatment is complete.

Removable appliances, however (like clear aligners), are usually worn throughout the day, but can be taken off as needed. Removable appliances can work great for people who need only mild orthodontic treatment. But fixed appliances are still the most common, necessary for most orthodontic treatment.  Follow the links below to learn more about each type of braces.

Types of Braces:

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