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SANDY Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Bedont

Dr. Bedont is a Sandy Orthodontist, proud to be the leader in orthodontic services in beautiful Sandy Oregon, and all surrounding areas.

Our Sandy, OR office combines the highest quality orthodontic care and state-of-the-art technology with personalized treatment to achieve excellent treatment results at a cost that fits your budget.

Dr. Bedon’t is also an ABO Certified Orthodontist in Sandy, which is pretty hard to find. 

You might wonder – aren’t all orthodontists certified by the ABO?  They are not.  All Orthodontists in the Sandy area (and anywhere else) must be licensed to practice. But they don’t have to be ABO Certified.

Becoming ABO Certified is no easy task.  So if you live in the Sandy, OR area, and you’re looking for the highest qualified orthodontist, we suggest looking for an ABO Certified Orthodontist.

If you’d like to learn more about your Sandy Orthodontist, Dr. Bedont, click here.


Sandy Orthodontist, offering:

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