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Gresham Braces

Braces 101
First Gresham Braces Appointment
First Appointment

We are always excited to meet new patients for braces at our Gresham office.


At our Gresham office, we ask that you complete the Patient Information and Health Form before you come in for your first visit.  One of our Gresham staff members can mail you the form, or it can be downloaded from our website (download Patient Forms). Bring this form with you to your visit, as well as your insurance information.


Your initial Gresham braces appointment will consist of a thorough examination and a discussion of potential treatment options.

Types of Braces in Gresham:


Getting Braces in Gresham 

At your first visit to our Gresham office you will be greeted and given a tour of our office. We will then take complimentary preliminary records which include a panoramic x-ray as well as photos of the face and teeth.  Our Treatment Coordinator will discuss any preliminary concerns. Then Dr. Bedont will conduct an extensive orthodontic examination and discuss the results of his findings.


If you’re in the Gresham area and are looking for an ABO Certified orthodontist for your braces, Dr. Bedont’s office is the right place for you!

How much time will you need for each braces related appointment in our Gresham office?


  • Initial Examination: 60 minutes

  • Records, including radiographs and impressions: 30 minutes

  • Placement of braces: 90 minutes

  • Periodic Adjustments: 20-30 minutes


Download New Patient Information Form Here

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